How to Conquer Hair Thinning

How to Conquer Hair Thinning

Not sure about you guys, but as I get into my late 30s I’m noticing some….slight hair thinning. Nothing overly major, but I’ve definitely noticed that I don’t have as much hair like I used to. I’ve done the whole hair gummies, hair pills, and all sorts of treatments “using items you have in your home”. The only strategy I’ve seen some success with was hair gummies, but they only made my hair grow faster, they didn’t make it thicker. That’s when I found Nutrafol! I saw them in Allure and immediately started doing some research. Most hair treatments really only contain biotin, which is great, but hair thinning can be caused by many different things that biotin won’t treat. Hormones, lifestyle, metabolism, and aging can all cause hair thinning. So you can take as much biotin as you want, but it’s not going to help the root of the problem.

Nutrafol was interesting to me because they actually have a little quiz for you to do, which will help you to narrow down what exact product you need. They’ll want to know the following:

  • Your age
  • Your sex
  • Some health items (are you pregnant, breast-feeding, etc.)
  • Skin condition (acne)
  • What you want to change (hair thinning, hair growth, etc.)
  • Where you hair is thinning
  • How are your stress levels
  • How is your air quality
  • How is your appetite and are you getting enough nutrients
  • Do you experience any bloating, indigestion, etc.

After you answer all the questions (it took me about 3 minutes in total), they’ll recommend the products they have that should help with your concerns. For example, I was given a grown plan that included both Nutrafol Women Capsules (improve hair growth, thickness, etc.) as well as Hairbiotic (literally a probiotic that helps with gut health, which is known to also improve hair quality). Included in this plan is a hair mineral analysis as well as on-call doctors if needed. You can see a screenshot of my results below.

According to my results, my hair might be thinning from a nutrient deficiency that could be due to a compromised gut microbiome, that’s why they are also recommending the Hairbiotic. How freaking cool is that? Want to get your recommendations? Check it out here at Nutrafol.

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