Top Women’s Halloween Costume Trends for 2023

Top Women’s Halloween Costume Trends for 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, so let’s delve into the top women’s Halloween costume trends that are set to steal the spotlight this year. When October 31 rolls around, there’s never a shortage of ideas, from the basic DIY witch, devil, or zombie bride or something more elaborate and contemporary. We believe the costumes that have the greatest impact (and are more fun!) are those that are based on popular cultural trends, such as the TV shows, movies, and celebrities everyone is talking about. They’re sure to make the biggest splash in your Halloween Instagram posts.

So here are our top 5 picks including trends such as Barbie, celebrity looks and My Little Mermaid- our list has something for everyone!

Predicted to be the most popular Halloween costume this year after the huge hype around the billion-dollar Barbie film this summer. There’s nothing that will turn heads at this year’s parties quite like a Barbie squad walking through the door! TikTok FYPs are already exploding with Barbie Costume (93M views) ideas as users post outfit inspo and where-to-buy videos.

So get imaginative and have each friend adopt a distinct Barbie identity from the various outfits in the film. Of course, everyone should wear Barbie pink. Or if you prefer to dress as a couple instead? Barbie and Ken, it is!

Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber at Rhode x Krispy Kreme

One of the weirdest collaborations of 2023 was between the cosmetic brand Rhode and the doughnut manufacturer Krispy Kreme to create a strawberry doughnut-flavored lip treatment, especially for the paparazzi pictures of the debut. Justin wore a pair of SpongeBob-colored Crocs, and Hailey Baldwin wore a corseted minidress. The Biebers were simultaneously overdressed and underdressed for the event, and it went viral. People have already taken to TikTok to comically dress up as the pair, so this would be the perfect couple costume this year!

Whoever decides to dress as “Justin” from this two-part costume, will only need to wear sweats and look like they just got out of bed, tube socks, and a baseball cap over a hoodie. For the sake of branding, the “Hailey” requires a small red bodycon dress, matching red bag, cute red heels, and her iconic strawberry earrings!

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is the most recent Disney classic to receive a live-action remake, and Halle Bailey will play the title role in the 2023 adaptation. The Little Mermaid has always been a somewhat popular Halloween costume choice, but now with the remake is going to be massive. Searches for The Little Mermaid are up +1,132% compared to this time last year. Mermaid costume videos also have 34M views on TikTok!

There are a few ways you could do this one, obviously walking around with a mermaid tail all night isn’t super ideal. So, you might think you’re stuck with one of her land outfits. But let’s be honest, that’s a boring choice, so get creative!

Wednesday Adams

If your family loves watching Wednesday, you’re far from alone! On TikTok, Wednesday Costume videos have 7M views while Addams Family Costume videos have 44M views. Channelling the iconic character of Wednesday Addams, made famous by the Addams Family, offers a unique and bewitching fashion choice.

Picture yourself in a classic black dress with a Peter Pan collar, exuding a sense of Victorian charm mixed with a hint of gothic mystery. Pair it with black stockings and polished Mary Jane shoes for a touch of old-school glamour.

Maverick from Top Gun

Maverick from Top Gun has always been a popular option for Halloween. Though let’s be honest, as good as a choice as it is, it’s a little dated…

However, with the release of Maverick last year, we can finally dust of our aviators because Top Gun is back baby! Put yourself into the centre of the action with a Maverick costume. For this costume, you’ll want to acquire some type of green bodysuit, which you can either purchase or throw together with green pants, a green jacket, and some patches.

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