Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Weight Training

Why Women Shouldn’t Fear Weight Training

In modern times, more and more women are hitting the gym than ever before! And while this is a great thing, there are still plenty of women who are hesitant about lifting weights. Some are worried their bodies will jack up like a man and that they will lose their feminine touch. Well, you can rest easy knowing that that is not always the case! In fact, a lot of the fears women have about weight training are surprisingly unfounded. In reality, weight training is a great way to increase your confidence and your health all in one go. If you’re still not sure, don’t panic. We will break down the benefits for you and debunk some of those pesky myths that float around in our heads!

Myths About Weight Training

We know, ladies, you’ve heard things about weight training that maybe made you think twice about doing it. We’re glad to say that many things you may hear are actually myths that many people believe, but are not necessarily true.

The Myth

Weight training will cause a woman to bulk up and look masculine.

The Truth

While some women can bulk up a bit, the classic bulking up we see in men is due to their high levels of testosterone. Most women simply do not have enough testosterone to bulk up like a man.

The Myth

Weight training puts stress on your joints, weakening or injuring them.

The Truth

Weight training is actually great for your joints! It can strengthen the connective tissues between them.

The Myth

Weight training is only for professional athletes.

The Truth

Absolutely not. Weight training is for everyone, and as there are different ways to do it, you can accommodate for anything you may be worried about, allowing you to ease yourself into it!

The Benefits of Weight Training

Now that we’ve debunked those pesky, little myths, let’s talk about all the great benefits of weightlifting!

Some of Our Favorite Items for Weight Training

These high-rise pants are perfect for weight lifting! They are super soft, offer full coverage in all movements, and are very weightless allowing you to get a kick-a** workout in.

This gorgeous tank top from lululemon is soft, very breathable, and is sweat-wicking allowing you to stay dry. It feature a built-in bra for added support and removable cups. Many reviewers saying it’s one of their favorite tank tops to weight train in!

Finding a pair of shorts to weight train in is next to impossible. Many of them ride up or are see-through when you bend over. But these shorts end all of those problems. They do NOT ride up, and many reviewers say they are their go-to shorts for lifting.

It Burns Calories!

The first benefit is the number one reason why people first begin going to the gym. For those who are looking to lose weight attributed to body fat, weight training can be a great way to help you along your journey! As you exercise, your body is going to need tons of calories to begin building muscle mass. In fact, muscles require more calories than fat does. For this reason, weight training can help you lose weight as your body will break down its fat in order to use those calories for a better cause: muscle gain!

It’s Great for Your Bones and Joints!

When you lift weights, you are not just gaining muscle, you are also fighting osteoporosis by increasing your bone density! This is so important, as maintaining strong, healthy bones that are not brittle can directly impact your health. If you have brittle bones, you are more likely to break bones during a minor fall or slip. As for your joints, lifting weights strengthens the connective tissue between joints, preventing potential injury. Weak connective tissues have been associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It’s a Major Confidence Booster!

When we feel weak and vulnerable, it can affect our mood negatively. Weight training allows you to become a stronger version of yourself, making you feel more confident. From being able to lift something heavy on your own without asking for help to feeling less vulnerable when you’re alone, weight training can give you all sorts of confidence in your day-to-day life!

It’s Heart-Healthy and Reduces the Risk of Diabetes!

Heart disease and diabetes are major issues in health these days, but did you know weight training can reduce your risk of both? When you weight train, your waist circumference shrinks and the fat in your blood lessens. A high waist circumference and high levels of fat in your blood can put you at a higher risk of developing heart disease. As the rest of your muscles get stronger, so will the most important muscle in your body: your heart. A stronger heart means better control of your blood pressure as well. Weight training can also improve the way your body processes sugar, reducing your risk of diabetes.

It Can Do Wonders for Your Mental Health!

When we sit inside all day, our mental health plummets. Video games are fun and movies are great, but our bodies are built for moving and being busy, and depriving our bodies of this natural urge can negatively impact our mental health. Not only has getting up and exercising been found to greatly improve mental health, but it can also decrease the likelihood of memory loss. A healthy brain is a happy brain, so remember when you are weight training, you’re not just making your muscles stronger and healthier, but your brain as well!

You Will Sleep Better!

Humans are built to get up and do things, so when we sit around all day, unstimulated, we can become bored and sleepy. Maybe we’ll even take a nap due to the boredom. So by the time nighttime rolls around, we’re restless and maybe not as tired as we would like to be. The great thing about weight training is that it takes a lot of energy and by the time nighttime rolls around, you’re beat and can be ready to sleep for what seems like ten years, giving you the best night of sleep in your life!

It Increases Your Levels of Energy!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you’re stronger, you have more energy to do the things you need to do! If you have less muscle mass, you may tire easily, making everyday tasks feel like such a chore! On the other side, having an increase in muscle mass has been found to boost energy levels, as you are stronger and therefore have the strength to do what needs to be done!

It Increases Your Balance!

Staying balanced takes fine-motor skills, such as muscle fibers twitching quickly to compensate when you begin to lean to one side or the other. Weight training strengthens these muscle fibers, allowing your body to better compensate when you begin to lean too much. This keeps you balanced more efficiently, more easily, and for a longer period of time.


Weight training is not just for men, but for women, too! There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about weight training that can make many women hesitant to try it; however, in reality, weight training is such a great thing to do for your mental health and physical health! There are so many good reasons why women shouldn’t fear weight training, and we hope we’ve enlightened you on just a few of these amazing reasons. So the next time you have the chance to weight train, we hope you consider it and view it in a better light. And who knows? Maybe it’ll just be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself!

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